NYS Contracts:

HP PT55722 and PT63224

McAfee PT59096/PS59097

Seneca Data  PT56199

Application and Desktop Virtualization

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Your help-desk staff want fewer support calls, quicker resolution for the ones they do get and a way to actually manage the user environment instead of being managed by it.

Your application support teams want isolated environments specific to their application and guaranteed not to cause any conflicts that allow them complete control over their application, the user desktop, all revisions, and all patches. And don't forget the ability to upgrade every user's desktop from a single location.

Your server team would like to see fewer systems required, or at least better utilization of the ones they have. They are tired of watching the boxes grow while the utilization shrinks.

Your security team wants control of everything! All desktops locked down, no user control of applications, patches, or rev levels. And they'd really like you to throw in a way to monitor it all from one spot as well.

No wonder we can't all just get along.

How many disparate applications does your company run?

How many for each user?

How many of them work together cohesively enough that you could manage, update and deploy them all from a single point?

We all know the issues involved in supporting an active user community; hundreds of desktops running a different brew of applications for each user, and probably at different versions and patch levels.

If applications aren't run in a vacuum, then why does it seem that they were written in one?

There is a better way.

Application & Desktop Virtualization technologies will enable you to:

  • Reduce the cost of application management, including the deployment, support and termination of applications.
  • Utilize the latest On-Demand Desktop technology to ensure the fastest and most effective application security
  • Consolidate servers while increasing server utilization and ROI while significantly streamlining server management.
  • Simplify OS migrations and patching by turning time-consuming, tedious migration and patching projects into largely automated, conflict-free processes.
  • Secure you applications by reducing the likelihood and severity of malware infections and security breaches, and by locking down application access and license compliance.

Getting along never sounded so simple...