NYS Contracts:

HP PT55722 and PT63224

McAfee PT59096/PS59097

Seneca Data  PT56199

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

How prepared are you and your business?


Are you prepared to recover your company's systems and data in the event of an emergency? Can you provide the consistent availability of resources and services that your user community requires in the vent that the unthinkable happens? Can you do it fast enough to keep your company in business?


Many of today's corporations struggle with inadequate, untested or unrealistic disaster recovery plans. Ever added application creates more complexity and increases the factors working against you during a state of emergency.


Until now there has not been a cost effective option for creating smooth, reliable and fast recovery solutions for all but the most critical of applications.


Until now there has not been an option for recovery in the event of a disaster that also did not involve spending obscene amounts of money to recreate an exact copy of your data center at remote location, or utilize high-priced services "rent" you supposedly identical equipment at a time when your options are limited.


Until now there has not been a good, fast, reliable, and cost-effective option for bringing your systems back on line.


Until now you could never be prepared.


Virtual technologies will enable your company to deploy a disaster recovery site that identically mirrors your production environment without hte cost and complexity of these traditional methods. WIth a virtual disaster recovery site you can:


        - Provide recovery whether your production systems are physical or virtual.

        - Create an identical environment regardless of the hardware used.

        - Leverage proven and stable technologies for replication and restoration of data.

        - Reduce the amount of time required to get your business running again.


Isn't it time you learned how to leverage virtualization to protect against the unthinkable?