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HP PT55722 and PT63224

McAfee PT59096/PS59097

Seneca Data  PT56199

Remote Office Optimization

How do you provide fast access to applications, databases and file stores from remote sites without actually placing those resources at the remote sites? And if you do decide to place them there, how would your team manage them? How are you supposed to architect a backup and recovery strategy for an office with no IT staff? Never mind support the user community.

If you don't think outside of the box, you'd have to be Houdini to pull yourself out of this mess.

On the Other Hand

You could leverage new technologies such as virtualization, branch-in-a-box, and wide-area data services to perform what to some will be indistinguishable from feats of magic.

Learn how you can:

  • Reduce physical systems at your remote locations as well as centralize back-up and management without impacting access to services.
  • Replace five under-utilized systems with one while maintaining operating system and application separation.
  • Remove file servers from your remote locations with no impact on user performance
  • Remove file servers from remote offices without configuration changes to your environment.
  • Multiply WAN-throughput while decreasing WAN-utilization.
  • Improve the throughput of applications you rely on everyday, including your files systems, e-mail, backup, notes and FTP as well as your ERP and CRM applications.

Don't let yourself get tangled in the chains of traditional remote-office deployment. We may not be able to help you escape from the box, but we can help you think outside of it.