In a consultative relationship, customer requirements are captured and verified. A project team is assigned to every customer prior to solutions design and proposal delivery, consisting of an Account Manager, Project Manager and Consulting Engineer. Customer requirements are documented and verified by the project team. We recognize that the nexus between business solutions and information technology is change. The process of capturing, documenting and responding to customer requirements is evolutionary and reiterative. Validated, managed solutions lead to additional requirements, and the discovery process begins anew.


AMR Networks' engineers, subject-matter experts, and applicable vendor-partners craft a solutions design reflecting customer requirements. Managed technical services reflect "best practice" standards defined by the manufacturer and by collective experience of AMR Networks in design and delivery. A customer proposal is created by the project team specifying solution deliverables and the services required to produce them. Conformance of the solution design and proposed services to customer requirements are verified and an implementation timeline is forecast.


The customer and AMR Networks' project team define an implementation plan accommodating customer scheduling preferences to every extent possible. The AMR Networks project management office (PMO) generates a statement-of-work that serves as a project plan and services contract. Project scope, schedule, deliverables, budget and assumptions are defined and the project is executed. The PMO supports its delivering engineers and monitors project performance for conformance to customer requirements and the deliverables set in the statement-of-work.


An AMR Networks IT solution is not complete until it is validated in the customer environment via post implementation testing and certification by the customer. As appropriate, technical and training documentation are integrated with deliverable project materials and reviewed with the customer to verify solution manageability. The project is closed with customer acceptance that all solution requirements have been fulfilled.